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Akira (nintendo family computer)

Anonymous asked: rez x oscob why not oscob x rez amirite


that’s bullshit, rez-net is probably is the more important member of this duo

VHF and VHR would be absolutely nothing without him 

Big thanks to my best friend oscob for backing me up. These bitches got nothin on us bro. Seriously Max and I have been best friends for well over ten years, so don’t even try shit like this. 

vap0rwaving asked: wow hey thanks for following it seriously means a lot. i'm really looking forward to virtual high rise

Of course! We can’t wait to share it with everyone. Make sure to be on tinychat this monday night at 8pm if you can! We’ll put the link up later this weekend.


Some prototype album covers for VHR.



eva-tech asked: yooooo dude nice setup. how much did all that cost? (excluding laptop lol)

Thanks! I have a lot more than what’s shown in the photo I posted. Maybe I’ll take more photos of my studio and upload them sometime with an inventory of my equipment. The microkorg I got on Craigslist for like $150 and the Alesis keyboard was like $99 on Amazon. I also have a Maschine Mikro which I got as a gift, but it about $300 if I’m correct. I have more stuff including a Novation Launchpad, Korg Nano, Vestax VCI-400, and a DJ Techtools Midi-Fighter. 

My keys

emotional-squad asked: what do you work w/?

Hey thanks for the question! For all my music production I use Ableton Live 9 on a Macbook Pro. In Virtual High Five I used mostly samples and some drum loops created with Maschine Mikro. I also use a Micro Korg and some synth VSTs for creating synth sounds.